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Todd J. Hollis Law

Jan 29, 2024

Insight into Injustice: Shedding Light on a Tragic Encounter

In our unwavering commitment to transparency and public awareness, Todd J. Hollis Law presents the video footage related to the case of James Frierson v. City of Pittsburgh et al. This material, integral to a recently settled $8 million dollar wrongful death lawsuit with the City of Pittsburgh, is being made public to provide direct access to key evidence in this landmark case.

This footage relates to the tragic events of October 13, 2021, involving Mr. Jim Rogers, brother of James Frierson, and members of the City of Pittsburgh Police Department. This video release is a part of our ongoing efforts to seek justice and accountability.

Please be advised: the following video contains content that may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

In releasing this footage, we aim to provide public access to critical information and foster a transparent legal process. Our goal is to uphold the principles of justice and integrity in the legal system, ensuring that all relevant information is available for public view and understanding.

This video, forming a part of the evidence in the legal case, is released in accordance with the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania’s Protective Order (Case 2:22-cv-00523-CRE Document 142 Filed 01/24/24). The court order allows for the public release of specified materials, including this video footage capturing the incident involving Mr. Rogers and the City of Pittsburgh Police Department. For a comprehensive understanding of the case and the materials involved, including those not subject to public release, we encourage interested parties to refer to the full text of the court's protective order.

We encourage viewers to engage with this material in an informed and respectful manner, contributing positively to the discourse surrounding this case. It is through informed public discussion and understanding that justice is best served.

For media inquiries or additional information regarding this case, please contact Todd J. Hollis Law at

Doc 142 - Order Granting Video Release_240128_084250
Download PDF • 313KB

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